As part of the MFA program and my own development as an artist, I have started creating AR pieces out of old and new work. It was always my intention to incorporate some digital aspects with the paintings. Indigenous art has always been present, adapting to new conditions since petroglyphs on rocks, hide paintings, buffalo robes, canvas paintings, ceremonial objects, and digital art. I aim to combine all forms of indigenous art with indigenous knowledge. AR can be viewed as a parallel to the spirit world. There is energy around us that we are unaware of, but is open to us if we tune in - energy, vibration, frequency. Viewing my work through a smartphone device represents that moment of looking into the unknown and realizing there is much more that we are a part of. 

Download the Artivive app to view AR-compatible artworks listed below. Prints and original paintings work with the app. 



The Orbs Series is a study of watercolor paintings representing spirits as orbs of light. I emphasize contrast and color to create a feeling of radiance. The goal here is to create an echo of vibration that starts on the paper and rings through the viewer. It has always been my intention to push scale and to create these on large canvas.



The Celestials series is made up of pastel drawings representing the beings that have come first. They have progressed through all incarnations, lessons, and dimensional planes. in their current state, our future, they are the ones sitting closest to the Creator. They have lived eon through eon helping to raise the vibration of every soul. They are mentioned in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. In the sweat lodge ceremony, they are presented by the Male and Female poles that are on each side of the lodge.



Saskatoon, SK. Canada